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by Scape White

MF - 02/08/10

Any time I need you, I know just where you are
Whenever I want you, baby, I know you won't be far
There's only one thing that can fill me with that meaty heft
MF, you're the total MF

I want you every day, I just can't get enough
Anybody who says "have something else," well, I tell you what, they are just too tough, cause
Everything else just leaves me completely bereft
MF, how I want you MF

Everybody who is coming around this place
They don't know how I feel, but they still get up in my face
If they will come between us I'll make them experience death, because
MF, you are my MF

Let me tell you about MF, it is really good
It's the best thing in the whole world, would you give me some? You should.
And I will praise it with my dying breath
MF, you're the total MF

Everybody on the street knows it, everybody in the house, they knows it
Everybody in the world knows it, everybody, everybody knows it
And they know that this one thing really is so def...inite
MF, you're the total MF

What is it about MF? Why do I love it so?
Is it the juice? Is it the meaty bits? I just, I just do not know
It's the one ineffable thing that I refuse to ineff
MF, how I love you, MF

And as we draw to the end, I just want you to realize
I love MF so much I need it on my insides
And now there's only, only two little bites left
MF, mother****ing MF

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