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I Remember It All

by The Perfectly Normal Band

I Remember It All - 01-13-03

This is a song the two of us wrote way back. Mike took the initiative and recorded the music to this number over the past few weeks and now I have rewritten the lyrics to make them suck less and recorded a vocal track. The result is not perfect, but it's a big thrill to me to hear one of our old song realized in some way that does not involve a completely MIDI band. I still may rewrite the lyrics again to make them about something good, the thing is... I reallly like the title, so I'd need to keep that. We'll see. Mike made the weird little guitar solo I wrote sound excellent here.

I could have told you that I wouldn't see you after all of this time
Why would I want to get together with the girl that I left behind?
I should, I guess, have been a little nicer when I threw you away
What good would come of us hating each other for the rest of our days?

But then I see you face and
It all comes rushing back
And I remember why I left you

I remember all of the times that you annoyed me
I remember how much leaving you overjoyed me

I stood you up but really I think that it will be better this way

Cause when I see your face, I
Just want to stomp it flat
And make you wish I never met you

I remember all of the days I was sick of you
I remember all of the ways I never loved you
I remember all of the times you bored me to tears
I remember how much I regret wasting those years