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Vietnam Protest Song

by The Perfectly Normal Band

Vietnam Protest Song - ... Sometime in early '97

I did this for my Vietnam War class senior year of High School. It's... interesting. It's not a very high quality recording, but it's a pretty fun song, I think, so I decided to put it up. The music to the song is almost entirely MIDI generated. I wrote it, and I'm singing the lead and harmony... which are very imperfect. Mike did a couple of things... he said "Yeah, whatever," played the organ 'solo' under the bridge of the song, and played the instruments warming up at the beginning. When I did the project, there was a story that went along with it, about the college kids in the fictional band that did it, but I lost it. Ah well.

There are things I've been taught
And there are times I have fough
There are things I have done I should have not done
There are times when I've cried
And there are people who've died
These people may be gone but not forgotten

We won't go to Viet Nam, yeah, we will not fight there
We won't go to Viet Nam, yeah, won't lose our lives there

What ever have done
I have tried not to do wrong
If I make a mistake I try to fix it
Now our country's to blame
And civil war is the game
But it's our lives at stake so they just risk it

So we fight back
While our country attacks
And now we know
That we don't have to go

We won't go to Viet Nam, no, we will not fight there
We won't go to Viet Nam, no, won't lose our lives there