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Can't Stop the Wax

by Jordan D. White

Wax-work Theme C (Can't Stop the Wax) - 07-08-02

This one is a bit of a departure. It's not actually about, but it is about wax. It's also the creepiest one so far. Continuing with my trend of starting a song with an idea that it ends up nothing like, I began this with the intention of it being sort of a Rock-a-billy number. And here it ended up... whatever it is. I don't know how to play guitar, but there was a guitar in the house, so I messed with it until it made sounds. I only can play one string, so I had to loop the various notes. I did the percussion by tapping on the strings and base, alternatively. I also did the solo, which is why it's so... interesting. I'm pleased with this one. Very. Oh, and Devon expressed that she could not understand the lyrics so well,so I have posted them, and I figured I'd post the lyrics to the older songs, too, so I did.

*Remastered 05-12-08 - I actually re-remastered this after I used it on the podcast the first time, as I thought I could make it sound even better. I did.

And as the wax flows over your body,
I hope you realize, you look beautiful.
And if it acts as a sort of odd eternal
Torture, I think it's worth it still

Preserving you so all the world
Can see that you are such a vision
Who'd have thought that such a girl
Could ever act like such a bitch
And it enacts my revenge and got me
To where I feel that I might be over you

Preserving you for all to see
The beauty that in you resides
So long as the wax don't set free
The blackened muck that lurks inside
Can't stop the wax
Can't stop the wax from flowing
Can't stop the wax
Can't stop the wax

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