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Fifty-One Reasons

by Jordan D. White

Wax-work Theme F (Fifty-One Reasons) - 09-30-02

Well this one sure is interesting, isn't it? Heh. Well, let's see, where do I begin? I started with the chord progression, the "guitar" part. I recorded that going on for a bit, looped it, and then recorded the lead vocal track. As I am sure you can tell, I made it up as I went along. I knew I wanted to say that there were 51 reasons that I didn't know, but beyond that, I was flying by the seat of my pants. After that one-take masterpiece, I recorded the backing vocal by the same method. Next, I added the Oooohs to the "chorus" section. Then came the drums, then the bass, and then I was done. Oh, I played the guitar, drums, and bass myself on keyboard, rather than programming my computer to do it. It came out pretty well, I think. The end result is a piece that is... very goofy, but I think it works.

*Remastered 06-23-08

You know wherever on Earth I find myself
(You know)
I end up here right by your side
(I end up here right by your side)
I got my arms around you baby
I want to kiss you every day and every night
(Every day, every night)
Because I love you so much
(I love you)
It makes me love you even more than I love you
Every other time that I loved you before
(Every other time)
In the past
(In the Past)
I'm talking bout before this
And even then I loved you
(Even then I loved you)
But now I love you even more than I loved you
Does that make sense, baby?
(Does that make sense, baby?)
Because I know that there are lots of good things about you
(I know that there are lots of good things about you, baby)
Oh yeah
(Oh, Yeah)
But I find that there are more good things about
(I find that there are more good things about
Even though I love you so much
(Even though I love you)

Cause there are fifty-one reasons
(Fifty-one reasons)
To visit
(To visit
I just don't know what they are, no, no, no
(I just don't know what they are)
Don't know what they are, no, no, no, no, no
(I don't know what they are, no)
There are fifty-one, fifty-one reasons
(Fifty-one, fifty-one, fifty-one, fifty-one reasons)
To visit
(To visit
But I don't know what they are right now
(I don't know)
No, even though I want to
(No, No)

My brain just can't get around them
(My brain's)
I used to know them, But I forgot them
(Messed up, babe)
I'm so sorry, so sorry
(I'm so sorry)
For that fact that I just said
Just a second ago
(What was it?)
I'm so sorry that I forgot
(I don't know)
What I was sorry about, too
(Aw, damn it)
But I just forget things sometimes
(You know that)
And I think that you know that
(You know that)

Fifty-one different reasons
(Fifty-one, that was it)
To read
That was what I was talking about
(Oh yeah)
I just remembered, it just hit me
(That was it, I know it, It hit me, oh)
Oh, there are fifty-one different reasons
(Fifty-one, Fifty-one, Fifty-one, Fifty-one)
To visit
(Different reasons)
But I forgot em right now
(God Damn it!)
Oh Baby...
(Oh, yeah...)

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