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I'd Always Call On Christmas

by Jordan D. White

Wax-work Theme I (I'd Always Call on Christmas) - 12-23-02

So- a Christmas theme for wax-work. Does it have anything to do with the site this time? Yes, in that it's about 'me' working on the site. The vision here is to be like the old Christmas Specials, like the Bing Crosby kind, where someone just pops into their home and they do a little number. The fun part being this time, instead of coming over, the person just calls. A few things abut that though- #1, it's not Mike. It's me being Mike. Why? No real reason. For fun. #2, it's not a true story. The song is fictional- we're not as shallow as the song implies, I was just kidding around. So- as for the technical nonsense. No, I was not on the phone really (nor were the 'backround singers' who are also me) I just made it sound that way after the fact. I played all the music myself on my keyboard- not that surprising, I'm sure. This is the longest theme so far. I guess it's a lot to do with the intro, but the song itself is pretty long as well. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. The ending is my favourite part, by far.

*Remastered 08-18-08

JORDAN (spoken): Gonna have to hurry if I want to get this up by midnight... I can't believe it's already the first wax-work update for Christmas. This is so exciting. The first Christmas with wax-work, and- (phone rings) Hello?

MIKE (spoken): Hey. Hows it goin?

JORDAN (spoken): Mike, how are you doing?

MIKE (spoken): Hey.

JORDAN (spoken): It's great to hear from you.

MIKE (spoken): Yeah.

JORDAN (spoken): Merry- merry Christmas, right?

MIKE (spoken): Merry Christmas to you.

JORDAN (spoken): What's up?

MIKE (spoken): Not much, what's up with you?

JORDAN (spoken): Well, I'm just working on the website. You know, trying to get it up for, you know, for the, the update.

MIKE (spoken): Hm. I was just... I was thinking about, you know, when we were young.

JORDAN (spoken): Yeah.

MIKE (spoken): And you know, and, like, Christmas morning we'd all open our presents and then we'd like call eachother up and be like "hey, whadja get?' you know?

JORDAN (spoken): Yeah, I remember that. That was...

MIKE (spoken): Compare what we got.

JORDAN (spoken): A lot of fun.

MIKE (spoken): Yeah, it's like "Oh, I got, you know, Wizards and Warriors" and, you know, "You got..."

JORDAN (spoken): The old NES.

MIKE (spoken): Yeah, you know... Nintendo. I was thinking, you know it's too bad that...

JORDAN (spoken): Well...

MIKE (spoken): It's too bad it's not like that any more.

JORDAN (spoken): Gosh, Yeah, I wish... I wish we could still have a Christmas like that. I guess things change when you grow up.

MIKE (spoken): That's for sure. Not necessarily for the better.

JORDAN (spoken): I remember it like it was yesterday though...

The stockings had all come down
Presents been passed around
That's when you'd call
To discuss it all
Compare what we'd got

If we got video games
We'd list off all their names
Determine which rule
And which were just cool

I miss that a lot.

I'd always call on Christmas
As the wrapping fell to the floor
I'd always call on Christmas
Back when toys were what Christmas was for
No more...

JORDAN (spoken): I do miss those days, you know?
MIKE (spoken): Yeah.
JORDAN (spoken): Was life simpler then, or... or is it me?
MIKE (spoken): You know, it's definately not you, my friend.
JORDAN (spoken): It just sorta seems like...

Not that we're out of school
We've a more meager Yule

No Santa list
Means much fewer gifts
For boys become men

I got some money, though

That's pretty cool.

I know.

But still we long,
In the form of this song
For days way back when

I'd (You'd) always call on Christmas

Before gifts had even left the box

I'd (You'd) always call on Christmas

Leaving out all the lame gifts like socks

And underwear...

I'd always call on Christmas
To see if you'd got more stuff than I

I'd (You'd) always call on Christmas
Jesus how the years seem to fly


JORDAN (spoken): Bye, Mike. Talk to you soon. Oh, wait, Mike, Mike! Are you... Mike? Aw, Crap.

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