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No One

by Jordan D. White

Wax-work Theme N (No One) - 06-24-03

Rhapsody returns from it's very first missed month. I tried something out last time month... well, failed. For our return, however, I do have something fun. I promised the next one would actually be about the site, and it is. AND, for once, the song came out exactly as I had intended it, more or less. I had the idea for a child singing along with a music box, and I did it. The repeating music box music came out well, I think. I wrote it in Encore and recorded the midi through my keyboard, then I performed the vocals with it. The 'unwrapping' is actually me crumpling up the lyric sheet. The winding is a real music box of my wife's. After I did the whole thing, I raised the pitch a little, not too much though, just so it would sound a little better, and I think it does. And here it is!

*Remastered 05-12-08 - Also, on 08-18-08, I added in the failed version of the song I mention above. Basically, I tried to make a song palendrome, a song that sounds exactly the same forwards as backwards. I did it, I'm just not sure it's all that good. One thing is for sure: it sounds a lot better since I remastered it than it did originally.
Wax-Work Theme N (Rejected Song)

(spoken)Oh, Mother, is it for me?
Oh, thank you!
Oh, it's so beautiful!
My favourite!

There are lots of stories
And there's comics too
There are plays and songs, but
You don't read them, do you?
Yes it's sad to tell you
But you need to know

No one reads
It is all a myth that Jordan perpatuates
No one reads
It would not hold up if someone investigates

Yes, the site has webboards
With a couple of posts
But just look the names up
They belong to ghosts
I regret to tell you
That it's all a lie

No one reads
It is all a myth that Jordan perpatuates
No one reads
It would not hold up if someone investigates

(spoken)Oh, I do love it! I do, Mother!
Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!


Lyrics to the Rejected Song:
Who reads

I try each week
To make it interesting
I always try
I guess I'm just that kind of guy

But who reads
The answer is: No one
Sad but true

No one reads it
But I still put it up every week, yeah, yeah
Does that mean I'm pathetic?
I guess it does.

No one.

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