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by Jordan D. White

Wax-work Theme O (Only - 07-21-03

Well... who'd have thought I'd do a Christian Rock theme, eh? This one began as a sort of Devo-ish thing, as heard a little in the "Only" melody. When I started the lyrics, it became this thing where is really Jesus. Why? Damned if I know. Probably damned anyway. Anyway, I played all the instruments on my keyboard by hand, including the drums and bass, which is why, if you listen closely, you can hear many imperfections. I had a little fun with the CoolEdit flanger on the synth, and the 'intro' is just a really heavy flange on the synth. The intro was not originally part of the song, I added it because I liked the sound of that wacky flangey synth. I didn't mention all the projects this time, just a few. I did get in all the new projects that have never been mentioned in a song, though, which is nice. The last line, btw, is a reference to something. If you figure it out, you win another day of life. It's odd... Non-Christians may not like the song since it praises Jesus, while Christians may not like it since it claims the site is Jesus. I've alienated everyone!

*Remastered 07-28-08

When we first got here
We thought that wax-work was a website
Now it seems so clear
We've all been purified in its light
We're not ashamed
To say our faith has been determined
Now, our temple's framed
Quote-of-the-Week will be our sermon
As the home page loads
We're baptized in its HTML code

(Only Has FAO Attacks!
(Only Has The Promised Land
(Only Showed me what my life lacks
(Only Took me by the hand

All you atheists
This site can heal your disillusion
Add it to your list
Bookmark your way to absolution
Watch the counter rise
One more to join our congregation
Once they realize
This website holds their soul's salvation
We're absolved of sin
The moment that we type that address in

(Only Has Saint Red and Serials
(Only Has got Naughty Bits...
(Only Won't let Satan near us
(Only Keeps us from his pits
(Only Has got all these stories
(Only Is where they are stored
(Only Can lead us to glory, cause
(Only Is Jesus, our Lord
(Only Is Jesus, our Lord
(Only Jesus, our Lord
(Only Jesus!
(Only Oh-ho!
(Only Jesus, our Lord
(Only I only want to know

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