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Decker & Hayes, Series Two
Episode 11 - A Special Level of Hell

By Jordan D. White

Macy Hayes
Stella Decker
Jason Drake

Narr: It had been an eventful few days in the lives of Macy Hayes and Stella Decker, of the Decker & Hayes Detective Agency. Macy had started the week in prison, serving out a murder sentence she'd earned fair and square. Her old CIA partner, Lexi Grayson had shown up with corrupt Agent Matthew Lansberg to get her out of jail in hopes of getting her help to take over the business of Soviet arms dealer, Nicholai Ilyich Smerdyakov. Knowing Macy wouldn't go in for the plan, the pair had tortured and brainwashed her into being theirs, in more ways than one. Meanwhile, Agent Jason Drake, out to stop both Smerdyakov and Lansberg, had attempted to hire Stella Decker under false pretenses. Before she could get anything serious done with his faux-kidnapping case, Stella's ex-girlfriend, Tasha, had shown up on her doorstep after 15 years missing. Tasha told Stella the Spiders, a Parlortown gang, had kept her as a sex-slave. Stella went on a killing spree, wiping out the Spiders single handedly, before turning back to the CIA Agents' feud. Since then Tommy Potsdam, the duo's secretary, surveillance and computer expert Paige Rose, and Stella's brothel-owning mother figure Mama Wang all fell victim to Drake and Lansberg's rivalry, before Lansberg himself finally took one in the face. Now Stella, Macy, Drake, and the remains of Stella's former gang are all out to stop Smerdyakov before he can move his nuclear warheads out of Parlortown. The group returned to the exterior of the warehouse they knew Smerdyakov had been using as his Parlortown base of operations, right on the edge of the south harbor. Unfortunately, things are never that simple.

Smerdyakov: Don't embarrass yourselves by trying to move, please.

Ricki: Screw you, pal, we're-

Narr: Ricki's head exploded and he fell to the ground.

Justine: Ricki!

Smerdyakov: Leave him. I assure you, he's dead.

Stella: Who the hell is that?

Macy: Smerdyakov.

Tasha: Where are you?

Smerdyakov: Do you think I'm foolish? There are snipers on every roof around you. I've been watching you for blocks. The only reason you survived your first visit to my neighborhood is that you took that Grayson girl away. She's bothersome. Now, do be so kind as to lay your weapons down with the dead boy and my people can bring you inside.

Drake: I think we should listen.

Macy: Why should we trust you?

Stella: You'll just kill us.

Smerdyakov: Like this?

Narr: Justine's face grew an extra hole, and she joined Ricki on the pavement.

Stella: Jesus, you sick bastard!

Smerdyakov: Believe me, when I want you dead, you are. I may kill you once you're inside, but not coming in certainly won't stop me.

Narr: Drake glanced around nervously at the darkened rooftops, seeing nothing. He took out his gun and threw it on Ricki's chest.

Drake: I really think we should listen.

Narr: Stella and Macy both threw down their guns and then Stella added a few knives to the pile. Tasha dropped her chain to the ground. A pair of burly men came around the corner and patted the ladies and gentleman down before knocking twice on a nearby door, which opened and let them in. The four were escorted through the dark and dingy building until they came to a large metal door. They knocked on it twice, and after a moment, it slid open. The light that came spilling out blinded them as they were ushered forwards, but once their eyes adjusted, they found themselves in a gorgeous 19th century Czarist Russian chateau.

Stella: What the hell...

Narr: An elaborate crystal chandelier hung over the long dining room table. The places were set with wine glasses, and a bottle chilled in the center. At the head sat an old man, wrinkled and gray but still sturdy enough looking to make a man think twice before rushing him. He smiled, and gestured at the chairs around the table.

Smerdyakov: Please, join me. Help yourself to some wine, please. God knows, I drink too much as it is.

Stella: Smerdyakov.

Smerdyakov: Pleased to meet you, Miss Decker.

Macy: Are you going to kill us?

Smerdyakov: I don't know... got five hundred thousand dollars? (laughs) Kidding, of course. The years have treated you well, Miss Hayes... or can I still call you Anya?

Drake: Let's get to the point here, shall we? What do you want?

Smerdyakov: Agent Drake- you wound me! You spend all this time trying to get to me, and now, you want things to be over with already? I haven't even met everyone yet. Who is this young lady?

Stella: Leave her out of this.

Smerdyakov: Oh, did I bring her into it? I didn't realize! What's your name, precious?

Tasha: Tasha.

Smerdyakov: Of course! The ex-lover!

Macy: She’s your ex?

Stella: We'll talk about it.

Smerdyakov: Tell me, Tasha- is it true what they said? Did they tattoo every new members name on your back after their first time with you?

Tasha: Screw you, buddy.

Smerdyakov: (Laughs) I can see why they liked you. If I were a younger man-

Narr: Stella leapt to her feet, but before she could move a step, two large bodyguards grabbed her by the arms and forcibly sat her back down.

Stella: Get off me! I said get the hell off me!

Smerdyakov: Oh, dear... it looks like you will have to talk about a few things, won't you? After all, Miss Hayes... Stella's never killed fifteen men in one night for you, has she?

Macy: What are you talking about?

Stella: Keep out of it!

Smerdykov: Why? Is it none of my business? Oh, wait- it was my business. The Spiders were on my payroll.

Tasha: The Spiders? What is he talking about?

Smerdyakov: You don't know yet either? Oh goodness! This is excellent! Go on, tell them! Go on.

Stella: I... I killed the Spiders.

Macy: What... all of them?

Tasha: (tearing up) Because of me?

Stella: Look it's not... Macy, you're the only... Macy, you don't know what they did to her! They had to die!

Macy: So, while I was being used by Lansberg-

Stella: You never told me you were out of jail!

Smerdyakov: This is just too much fun! Drake, you're keeping quiet. Not enjoying the show?

Drake: I'm waiting for you to get to the part about the Nuclear Weapons, actually.

Smerdyakov: Oh them? I shipped them out of Parlortown yesterday morning.

Drake: What?

Macy: You mean this was all for nothing?

Smerdyakov: What did you expect? You're an ex-CIA convict and a former gang member. I'm a nuclear arms dealer. You're not exactly in my league.

Drake: But Agent Hayes was-

Smerdyakov: Was. How many years ago was it, my little Anya?

Macy: Shove it.

Smerdyakov: No, I made arrangements to move them out as soon as I heard I was being tracked. I don't take risks with my merchandise.

Drake: How did you know we were coming?

Smerdyakov: I was so hoping you would ask that, thank you. I have a source on the inside-

Macy: (pissed) At the CIA?

Smerdyakov: No. MI6.

Drake: MI6? What...

Smerdyakov: Wait for it...

Macy: Wha... Tommy?

Drake: Potsherd?

(Smerdyakov laughs)

Stella: That's ridiculous. Tommy wasn't-

Smerdyakov: Miss Hayes- what was your previous job, before meeting Stella and starting this agency?

Macy: Stella, he's right. I can barely believe it, but...

Stella: How?

Macy: Tommy's been working for us since we started the agency. We found him just when we needed to, me having just come off a lucrative career with an independent organization...

Stella: Cross?

Macy: I told you- normally, no one gets out of Cross's business alive. MI6 must have thought there was still a connection.

Smerdyakov: Oh, don't be so upset. From all accounts, the boy loved you. To bad about his death, eh? (laughs)

Drake: So that's it? You got away with everything, and we're left here holding the bag?

Smerdyakov: Basically. Ah, but wait... there is one thing I can give you.

Narr: Smerdyakov snapped his fingers and one of the large men brought over a bulging manila envelope.

Smerdyakov: This envelope will provide you with all of the evidence you need to prove that Agent Lexi Grayson was working with me the entire time.

Drake: Grayson?

Macy: But... she wasn't.

Smerdyakov: No. But these things tend to go over better if you have someone to finger... wouldn't you agree, ladies?

Stella: Deal.

Smerdyakov: So quick! Excellent. Well, then- you two lovely ladies get to go back to your business, Drake here can go back to the Company a success, at least partially, and little Tasha can see what it's like not being abused daily. Sounds like a happy ending.

Macy: And you?

Smerdyakov: Well, I'm afraid I'll have to abandon this lovely dwelling, now that it's been compromised. By morning, the place will be a smoldering husk. Not to worry I have more... still... most of this furniture is originals. Ah well-

Macy: And you'll just keep supplying terrorists with arms?

Smerdyakov: Terrorists? Heavens, child, why would I do that? I love America! I am a rich man! I make millions of dollars in this wonderful country!

Stella: So then, who are you selling arms to?

Smerdyakov: Your government of course.

Stella & Macy: What?

Smerdyakov: I acquire the weapons from dealers throughout the world, and sell them at an outrageous profit to our wonderful government, who will spare no expense to keep weapons out of the hands of these terrorists you refer to.

Macy: Then why-

Smerdyakov: Drake was just trying to save his country a few hundred million dollars. Not an ignoble thing, I suppose.

Stella: Drake... is this true?

Drake: I'm not at liberty to-

Stella: You ASS! You're dead! All that we've lost-

Smerdyakov: Oh, poo-poo-poo! As much of a pleasure as it is to sit here and watch you scream at one another, I do have things to do. We should be going. I'll drop you at your offices.

Macy: That's not-

Smerdyakov: I insist. Unless you'd rather stay here while it burns?

Narr: The four grudgingly went with Smerdyakov and his guards without putting up a fight. They got into his limo, and, apart from Smerdyakov's occaional gloating and cackling, they rode in silence. Once at the offices, they got out of the car. Smerdyakov rolled down his window to say a few parting words.

Smerdyakov: Don't be upset. Things all worked out for the best, wouldn't you say? All accounts are equal, and I doubt you'll ever hear from me again. Oh... except one thing...

Drake: What's that?

Smerdyakov: I did pay for those Spiders, Miss Decker. Seems you owe me.

Narr: The Russian fired one parting shot into Stella's gut, and the limo sped off. The others broke into a frenzy of action. Drake caught Stella as she fell and lowered her to the ground. Macy leapt to her knees and began applying pressure to the wound.

Macy: Someone call an ambulance! Quickly!

Narr: Tasha pulled out a cell phone she'd gotten from one of Mama's girls, and dialed, and soon, Macy and Stella were rushing to the hospital, with Drake promising to bring Tasha shortly. Stella was rushed into the OR, and when Tasha arrived, Macy was still waiting to hear word.

Tasha: Is she...

Macy: She's still in surgery. I think... I think it's serious. They don't know anything yet, they won't... they won't tell me anything, whenever I ask them, they just-

Tasha: It's ok... it's going to be ok, I'm sure. Stella's tough.

Macy: Where's Drake?

Tasha: I don't think he wants to see Stella right now. Scared of her. He said he'd be in touch.

McGuiness: Hey, ladies.

Macy: Julie! Oh, thank God you're here!

McG: Yeah, Drake called and let me know. Don't you worry, Stell's been through worse. She'll be fine.

Macy: I hope so, Jules.

McG: Before you know it, you'll both be back on the job with clients galore.

Macy: Not if you're still on the job, we won't.

McG: Like I said then- you'll have clients galore.

Macy: What? You're not...

McG: Retiring? Yeah, I'm afraid I am. I've seen too many people die tonight. Maybe I'll go back to the DA, try and get them back behind bars again.

Macy: But you're staying in Parlortown, right?

McG: What can I say... I love the place, despite its flaws.

Doctor: Excuse me... are you Macy Hayes?

Macy: What? Yes! Is it about Stella? Is she ok?

Doctor: Miss Decker just came out of surgery. She's doing quite well, all things considered and we think she's going to pull through-

Narr: Macy grabbed a hold of the Doctor, hugging him tightly.

Macy: Oh, thank you, thank you!

Doctor: Miss Hayes! Hold on a moment...

Macy: What? What, is there bad news?

Doctor: Well... the bullet... the bullet struck Miss Decker in the spine.

Macy: The spine?

Doctor: I'm sorry. She's been paralyzed from the waist down. She's never going to walk again.

(Pause, then, slowly, Macy bursts into tears)

The End... for now.