Codename: Broadband

Real Name: Robert Stanton

Bio: The specific details of Broadband's origin are mostly unrevealed. Robert Stanton is the founder and CEO of Stanton Enterprises and designed and operates the robotic Broadband Unit himself. Broadband is, however, the financial backbone of the Earth Guard, helping to design and implement the technology used in the Guard Tower and Brainframe Computer System. Earlier in his career, Broadband was know as "Dial-Up" but changed his name as his unit was upgraded.

Powers/Abilities: Broadband the hero is actually a robotic unit being remotely controlled by Robert Stanton. The unit can fly, can fire power blasts, and has greater strength and durability than humans. The unit also has assorted sensors and specialized features. Stanton has a number of units ready at any time so that if one is destroyed in action, he can send out another. he can only operate one unit at a time, though. Some of the units are specialized models for specific situations or terrains (ex. a space unit, underwater unit, etc.). Broadband is a mechanocal and programming genius and is by far the Guard's foremost expert on the mechanical, electric, or computer sciences.

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