Dr. Fast

Codename: Dr. Fast

Real Name: Dr. Irving Fast

Bio: Dr. Fast was obsessed with discovering a cure for aging ever since seeing his brilliant grandmother descend into senility during his youth. Thinking he'd made a breakthrough and faced with loss of funding, Fast tested a serum on himself. Rather than making his live longer, it allowed him to live faster- giving him the super-speed capabilities. In the confusion, his lab was destroyed and he has been unable to reproduce the results. He continues to work on his anti-aging experiment with any and all spare time he can find. For a time, Dr. Fast attempted to keep his identity secret, calling himself "Supersonic Man". Eventually, he decided it was too much of an unnecessary bother and went back to his brith name.

Powers/Abilities: Dr. Fast has incredible super-speed, estimated to be the fastest living thing in any reality. He has the ability to move, think, and experience life at super speeds. He can move fast enough to be in two places at once, an ability he uses to continue his experiments even while crime fighting. In addition, Fast is a brilliant scientist, the Guard's authority on the biological and natural sciences.

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