Codename: Foal

Real Name: Tanya Ross

Bio: Foal's origin has not really been discussed as of yet. She was the Stallion's sidekick, and in their civilian identities, was like a daughter to him. On a mission with the Earth Guard, while fighting the Creationist, Mudman, and the Ribs, Foal was killed. The Stallion never fully got over the loss, and still blames himself (and, to a lesser degree, Broadband) for her death. At one point, while fighting the Time Marines, history was changed so that Foal survived the battle. When she discovered what had happened, and realized that Voodoo Lady died in her stead, Foal went back and fixed reality so that she would die once again.

Powers/Abilities: Foal has no super powers. She is, however, a very well trained fighter. In addition, like the Stallion, she throws golden horseshoes at villains.

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