The Jack

Codename: The Jack

Real Name: Jack Baleski

Bio: As a teen, Jack was a gifted acrobat and gymnast, who could have been an Olympic medalist, until his parents were killed while working at the convenience store they owned. Jack battled to gain custody of his sublings, eventually winning. Working the store on his own, Jack was held up and when the thief took a child hostage, Jack used his acrobatic abilities and a jug of rubber bouncy balls to foil the crime. Jack is still legal guardian of his siblings and runs the store as a day job.

Powers/Abilities: Jack has no super-human powers, but he is an incredible acrobat and gymnast. In addition, he uses rubber bouncy balls (stored in the sacks on his belt). Many of these balls have "trick" capabilities: flash-balls, explosi-balls, and gas-balls, for example.

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