Ocean Man

Codename: Ocean Man

Real Name: Kyle Johnson

Bio: Kyle worked in a nuclear power plant and recieved his powers as a part of an accident involving the coolant water. Beginning his crime fighting career, Ocean Man would refer to himself as "King of the Ocean World". He meant it in a metaphoric sense, but everyone assumed this meant he was the king of Atlantis. Eventually, Ocean Man began going along with people's misconception. Over time, he created an elaborate fictional Atlantean society he would discuss with people. Eventually, The Mollusk and the Password (the superhero tabloid) revealed that he was not the King of Atlantis. He was asked to leave the Earth Guard. Shortly after, he defeated the Mollusk and the real Atlantean army almost singlehandedly. After that effort, he went missing and may be dead.

Powers/Abilities: Ocean Man has an almost complete control over water. He can manipulate water, control water, create water, breathe under water, and turn into water.

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