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Claws In You

by Scape White

Claws In You - 11/29/10

Scapey's Essay/Intro to the song:
Ok, so like, once upon a time this song is my second song of the year and, let me tell you, this is the one where I focused on a layer called drums. Now, when you hear this song, you will probably go "Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah--he totally did focus on drums, because you can hear there's a lot of drums and that is like the focus of the song." It is. What I did was, I was like "Hey, dad," and Dad was like "What?" and I was like "Let's put in a whole lot of drums like of different kinds, ok? Like, let's start with simple drums like 'ba-da-da-buh-da-duh-buh' or whatever, and then put in some cymbals like 'Kkkssssh! Kkkssshh!' and put in some, like, different...what else do you got that's like kind of like a drum?" and Dad was like "How about this thing?" and I was like "Oh! That sounds really cool! Do it like this 'Wakka-ja-wah-ka-wah...(whatever sound it is, depending)'," and what I did was I layered lots of drums, so you'll hear, when the song starts, you'll be hit with like a giant sound of drums. That was how I did it. Lots of drums.

And then I did put in some other stuff. I put in a bass. I put in a...a.sound, like a little "Brrring!" sound I forget what that was called. And I put in those, and then I put in singings over that, but the root of it all was the drums, and I did the drums first, that's how you know it was the root. So, the song itself is about the fact that I am actually tough. Not everybody knows that I'm tough, not because I'm not tough--I am--but because they thing "Oh, Scape is so cute! He's so cute!" I am so cute...but I'm also tough, and I just wanted to make sure everybody knows it with this song.

You think that I am just a little innocent tiny little kitty cat
But you will find that I am really quite a vicious animal
Don't look at me that way or I will ask you just what you are staring at
You think I can't hurt you? When I pop my claws I'm gonna show you I can and will

You better watch out
If I don't like your face
I'm gonna get my claws in you

Don't let the fact that I am the cutest thing you ever saw be fooling you
I'm also super tough and dangerous and totally able to kick your butt
I'll use my fangs and my claws and my kick kick kick to be totally schooling you
You're gonna be so flabberghasted you're gonna just be like "What what what?"

You cannot deny
You're gonna be hurting
If I can get my claws in you

Break it down bongo player!
Now triangle.
And the guiro.
Ride cymbal!
Now bring the drums back!
And the vibes!
And bass!

Now you know Scapie is really a kick-ass excellent killing machine
The kind that makes you run away when you see him and you go hide under the bed
But I got a reputation to maintain and I'm not willing to seem
Like I let little cowards like you get away so pretty soon you're gonna be dead

I'm gonna cut you up
If you don't cut it out
Yeah, I will get my claws in you
Then you'll be sorry
That you ever crossed me
Because I got my claws in you
Claws in you
Claws in you

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