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God Save Wax-Work

by Jordan D. White

Wax-work Theme G (God Save Wax-work) - 10-27-02

My fingers hurt. Not actually being a guitar player (whose fingertips tend to be quite calloused) playing the guitar so hard for so long leaves my fingers aching for some time. This song is the bastard love child of the Sex Pistols and the Violent Femmes. Don't know how I ended up with such a beast. I think I sat down with the guitar intending to do some sort of beat poetry music. Oh well. This song seems to attempt to creat the illusion of a 3 man group, guitar, drum (or, upside down garbage can, anyway), and marimba. The lyrics are a sexual homage to former regular projects on the site. I probably would have varied the music more, but the old guy upstairs came knocking on my door after I recorded the drum part to tell me "This isn't a recording studio."

*Remastered 05-12-08

(spoken) Oy!
Sod it, it's shite.
Shut up!

2, 3, 4!
I visit wax-work every day
And I don't want it to go away
When I want entertainment it gives me some
I got a Saint Red tatoo on me bum

(spoken) Bloody Hell.

When I go through withdrawal fits
I need your Naughty Bits and Other Gits
And Reflections in my Shattered Mirror
Make me loving eyes almost look sincere
When I put it in I'll Handle With Care
There's been a lot of Stranger Things in there
Things Unfed by Light and Water
I guess you really are you mother's daughter
Our Big Experiment was fun but there's one thing wrong
Fiction in a Minute lasts twice as long
But once I get tired of our One Night Stand
I'll have a Few Sloppy Seconds with my hand

(spoken)Here we go...

God save wax-work!
God save
God save wax-work!
God save

(spoken)I still say it was shite.
And I say shut up!

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