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Je Souhaite

by Jordan D. White

Wax-work Theme J (Je Souhaite) - 01-20-03

This song is dedicated to Deric McNish who speaks French very well, and for whom I recently made a mix CD of all songs with some french in them. That put me in the mood to do one myself. First, the title came into my head- 'Je Souhaite' which means 'I wish'. From there I figured I would have lots of "A" sounds, since French is full of them. Then I did the chord progression and recorded all the music. Then I wrote the actual lyrics which... are interesting. I've included the English translation of the lyrics as well, which exposes a bit of the bad French grammar I used. I don't know what else to say about this one. Enjoy! PS- I later learned I mispronounce the title of the song... over and over and over... sigh...

*Remastered 05-12-08 - But it still sounds all dumb, with the bad pronounciation.

Je souhaite que vous aimez
Mes chansons et dansez
Quand vous leur écoutez
Et je souhaite que vous me comprendez
Mais je sais ce n'est pas vrai

Je souhaite que "" est
Un page vous visitez
N'est-ce pas la verité?
Et je souhaite c'etait page de l'année
Mais je sais ce n'est pas vrai

Je souhaite je suis un célébrité
Qui vous vous rappelez
Quand votre chat est mauvais
Et je souhaite que j'ai su voler
Mais je sais ce n'est pas vrai

Je souhaite mon chanson a été
Chantée en anglais
C'est ma langue préferée
Et je souhaite ma francais est parfait
Mais je sais ce n'est pas vrai.

Oui, Oui.

Lyrics in English (complete with bad grammar):
I wish that you like
My songs and dance
When you listen to them
And I wish that you understand me
But I know it isn't true

I wish that "" is
A page you visit
Isn't that the truth?
And I wish it was page of the year
But I know it isn't true

I wish I am a celebrity
Who you remember
When your cat is bad
I wish that I knew how to fly
But I know it isn't true

I wish my song was
Sung in English
That's my preferred language
And I wish my French is perfect
But I know it isn't true

Yes, yes.

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