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Let's Shoot Up

by Jordan D. White

Wax-work Theme L (Let's Shoot Up) - 03-24-03

OK, This one is a week late because my new computer was giving me all sorts of trouble with CoolEdit Pro. Eventually, I recorded the song on Devon's laptop. This song... This one has less to do with wax-work than probably any other piece so far. It mentions wax once. Well, twice, sort of. The topic... well, the chorus has been running through my head for a little more than a month. First off, let me say, I DO NOT DO DRUGS, I HAVE NEVER DONE DRUGS, AND I DON'T THINK YOU OR ANYONE ELSE SHOULD DO DRUGS. God's honest truth. I've never done a single illegal drug, I've never even had a sip of alcohol. I've only ever smoked a cigarette in a film. And yet, I wrote this song. Why? Well, it's a parody, really. I was thinking about how casually musicians seem to sing/rap about smoking pot or getting high, so I thought it would be funny if they did that with much more serious drugs. Hence this song. Musically, I wound up with something very different than the version I heard in my head for so long. That was a sort of Beach Boys song, but when I started playing the chords on my keyboard, this new rhythm and feel presented themselves. Once that was established, I started going for a much more Donovon-esque feel, with a hint of early Beatles thrown in for good measure. I played all the parts on the keyboard myself, no midi this month. Oh, and DON'T DO DRUGS.

*Remastered 06-02-08

Walking through the forest with you has been a dream
Seeing all the beauty in this world
Every bird and squirrel
Climbing trees and laughing, throwing rocks in a stream
But there's so much more we could do, girl

Let's shoot up heroin and walk out in the sunshine
Because happiness and sunbeams make me smile
Run through the meadow twirling, having such a good time
And I haven't cooked a spoonful in a while

We could lie beneath a tree to rest, feeling fine
Keeping cool in sun and dry in rain
There we would remain
Waxing philisophical about God's design
As his liquid love runs through our veins

Let's shoot up heroin and lay out by the water
While our minds expand to fill the entire sky
Become one with the trees and puppydogs and otters
Because being close to nature makes me high

Let's shoot up heroin and la la la la la la
Because la la la la la la la la la
Let's shoot up heroin and la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la la la la does not condone the use of illegal drugs
Anyone who actually uses heroin is a jick

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