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(Hoping You Won't Be) Mad

by Jordan D. White

Wax-work Theme M (Mad [Hoping You Won't Be]) - 04-28-03

Ok... well, this one has nothing to do with hence the name, maybe? Actually, it doesn't REALLY have any lyrics. It's an instrumental, kind of... That's why it doesn't mention wax. Basically, I took a little looped clip from a They Might Be Giants song and wanted to do a song over it. I had a good time doing screwy things to the clip (half-noise reduction, and flanging). Then I laid a bass and drum loop over it. Then I did the 'vocals'. There is no lyrics, just vocal nonsense. Maybe someday I'll come back to it and write lyrics to this melody. I doubt it. But maybe. The thing is, I recorded the drums, bass, and vocals at half speed. The drums and bass I sped up, but kept the same pitch. Vocals I both sped up and raised the pitch. The result is odd, but sort of infectuous. Oh, and there is a musical allusion to the Alan Parsons song 'Jigue'. I promise, the next one will be about Seriously.

*Remastered 07-07-08

Hoping you won't be...
Hoping you won't be...
Hoping you won't be...
Hoping you won't be mad.

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