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by Jordan D. White

Wax-work Theme R (Revitalized) - 03-22-04

OK, there is something of an explanation required for this one. I wrote the lyrics and melody to this about a week after the site was redesigned. At that time, it seemed that it would be ok not to mention wax or the site in the song, since it would go with the new site on a more thematic level. You know, the site was revitalized. Obviously, that didn't happen, though, since I've been slower than ever on everything but my comics. Sorry about that. Lyrically, I think the song is quite clever, one of my favourites.

Music wise, what can I say about this... I did a base of synth bass and chords, then overlayed about five or six percussion tracks, in order to get the drums to actually sound good, and I think I pulled it off, for once. This track also features a number of tracks of me singing to replace instruments, both the goofy background horn voices and the guitar solo. Influence-wise, this track draws on so many things... Oingo Boingo, Ween, Bad Religion, local band If Man Is Five, but I think the influence I hear most is the Alan Parsons Project, even though the style is not very similar to theirs. I am really pleased with how this came out... it may even beat theme D as my new favourite. Let me live with it for a month or two and maybe I'll decide.

*Remastered 05-12-08 - The first song I remastered for the podcast. I do still love this song. Maybe it really is my fave.

I've studied hard and I've been acing all my classes
Got laser surgery, correcting for my glasses
Been pumping iron thirty hours a week
Improving on my physique
So I can kick all of your asses

Did all the dishes and I cleaned out all the closets
I mowed the lawn and tightened all the leaky faucets
Got liposuction on my calves and my gut
My face, my arms, and my butt
Removing my fatty deposits

I feel revitalized
Performance optimized
Perfection realized
My body's mobilized
My mind is digitized
My look accessorized

My personality was downloaded and backed up
Implants implanted so my reflexes are jacked up
Made sure to spring for a lifetime warrantee
So parts and labor are free
In case I ever start to act up

Packed full of isotopes, run off nuclear power
And fuel injected, running 60 miles an hour
With sonic generators under my skin
Destroying dirt from within
So I don't ever have to shower

I feel revitalized
Performance optimized
Perfection realized
Upgrades were improvised
But now I'm stigmatized
For being motorized

This rubber tubing handles all my circulation
But there's no blood inside, it's only lubrication
Although it seems I've still got organic parts
I can assure you, they aren't
They're just a clever fabrication

When they were finished all my programmers concluded
I'd live forever, long as I was not rebooted
Although the question of whether I'm alive
Has been a matter that I've
Got to admit has been disputed

I feel revitalized
Performance optimized
Perfection realized
First I was traumatized
Now I've acclimatized
To being synthesized
Functions prioritized
Data was analyzed
Programs initialized
Now I'm revitalized
Performance optimized
Perfection realized

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