Captain Fantasy

Codename: Captain Fantasy

Real Name: Unknown

Bio: Little is known about Captain Fantasy by anyone in the Earth Guard, including (seemingly) himself. He has no civilian identity. When not on Guard Duty, he goes back to "The World of Dreams", which he says he has complete control over. While his mind is there, his body apparently wanders various places in the "real" world.

Powers/Abilities: Captain Fantasy's powers, too, are difficult to understand. He claims that he is the only one who can see this "World of Dreams", although we are all simultaneously there while we are here. In that world, Captain Fantasy says he has complete control of all things. As such, when he exerts his control over that realm, it affects our world. As such, his abilities are nearly endless, bound mostly by his imagination, although in our world, it appears almost indistinguishable from incredibly powerful telekinesis. He can also see the "dreams" people leak into the world of dreams, which is very similar to mind reading. He can also affect people's actual dreams.

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