Codename: Peaseblossom

Real Name: Peaseblossom

Bio: Peaseblossom is a member of the fairfolk, commonly know as fairies or fae. She was born to their world, but at some point Queen Titania banished her from their magical realm. The reasons for her banishment are currently unrevealed. Since that time, she has lived in the world of men. Mortal food and drink turn to dust in her mouth, so she is unable to eat or drink while she lives in this world. Peaseblossom relishes in the fact that she is amazingly attractive to mortals and loves the attention lavished upon her. She is secretly a lesbian, and is in a covert relationship with Binary Girl.

Powers/Abilities: Peaseblossom has the abilities that are typical of a fairy of her breeding. She can fly, is far stronger than a mortal, and will live forever. In addition, she has a knowledge of magical potions and elixirs that she utilizes.

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